The cornerstone of our success lies in the honesty and integrity of our Sales Agents, who form strong relationships with our dealer network, building a history of reliability, accessibility and excellence. Our goal is to provide continuous support for our profitable, functional and straight-forward programs.

Customer Care
Customer Care will ensure that every Dealer and Customer experience will be accomplished with the utmost quality and efficiency, displaying professionalism, knowledge and a positive and empathic attitude that will assure the continued growth of Global Warranty.

Our Claims Guarantee ensures that qualified vehicles are professionally repaired and promptly returned, in an agreeable, cost effective manner, further enhancing our Dealer relationships, and therefore providing peace of mind and worry-free driving for our Policyholders.

Operational success is assured through processing all types of inbound business activity and all related communications, responding with professional and efficient solutions for all our customers, while providing our Dealers with solid program support, therefore solidifying exceptional “value added” benefits for their customers.

Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Finance will promote the success of all business units by processing receipts, disbursements and reports while delivering accurate financial information in a timely, proficient and considerate manner through the interaction with our Dealers, Policy Holders, Repair Centers and the entire Global Warranty Team.

Human Resources
H.R. promotes the acknowledgment and guidance of people in our workplace according to both Provincial law and Company directives, providing a confidential channel for feedback and information on acceptable behaviours and practices necessary to maintain a positive relationship within Global Warranty.